When a company is considered safe?

The security of a company is based on a thorough assessment of all the elements that define the protection perimeter: business, relationships, culture, technology. A combination of tangible and intangible assets that requires integrated IT solutions, so that this asset is preserved in terms of integrity, legislative compliance and governance. Aspects that must always be considered together, so that they can meet the need to protect data from possible interferences and violations, in addition to the need to be comply with the provisions of the relevant legislation and the best way to govern the processes.

The necessary knowledge to guarantee company security

In defining a model that takes into consideration these three aspects, integrity, legislative compliance and governance, the company has to be supported by several skills (digital, legal, organizational) able to identify the most suitable system for its specific situation.

When governance means innovation

Companies can take advantage from this compliance process if they understand that security doesn’t only mean data protection, and that compliance is more than a mere adaptation to the required obligations. Governance represents the synthesis of both within optimized rules and procedures.

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation Business Internet Technology Concept.


With the entry into force of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the EU Regulation 2016/679 governing personal data protection, companies must be compliant to avoid the risk of incurring very burdensome penalties. The same applies to public administration, as reported by the Minimum IT security requirements by AGID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale). Proge-Software responds to these needs by offering an ad hoc end-to-end solution that allows companies to be compliant with both organizational and in technological standards and to better manage the Change Management.

Governance - software asset management

Software Asset Management

Proge-Software accompanies companies in the enhancement of their IT assets, guiding them in the creation of an inventory of their own applications and suggesting them appropriate procedures that lead to the definition of a SAM (Software Asset Management) plan. In this way, the keys for the good management of its IT resources are given to the company.

Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise Project Management

Thanks to Enterprise Project Management (EPM)’s techniques and IT tools, developed by Proge-Software and Microsoft, the corporate organizational flow is aligned to its business goals with an optimization of resources and containing costs, that transform the planning dimension into a competitive advantage.

businessman working on virtual concept,technolog

Proge DevOps

Proge-Software cross-functional team boasts a high level expertise in DevOps methodologies, which combine Development and Operations making the most of the sharing and collaboration logics, for a more efficient governance of the entire software lifecycle. The best on-premises and cloud-based answers needed by the company come from a set of automatic tools and practices inspired, for example, by Lean Management.


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