Portal, Social & Collaboration

Expand the boundaries of the collaboration between employees beyond the company perimeter

The Challenge

Collaborative platforms

The employee’s mutual collaboration, between different areas and with stakeholders requires last generation platforms that simplify and make this collaboration more performing.

Maximum sharing

An optimized collaboration allows to share documents and resources in less time and increases the company productivity.

How can we help you?

Ready for the Smart working?


Migration of all the company services towards SharePoint online, with a guaranteed increase of productivity, competitive costs, high security levels.


Implementation of Workflows and Intranets that follow the company organizational flows. For example, in HR division, business trips, leave and work permits request, illnesses, etc.


Microsoft SharePoint personalization, in on-premises or Cloud mode, in order that the solution is compliant with corporate governance procedures.



Checking of the legacy collaborative systems

Analysis, on the server side, of the pre-existing collaborative solutions (Internet, Intranet, Extranet, Social) through which information and documents are shared in the company.


Design and implementation of ad hoc solutions

To flexibly respond to company needs, the implementation of collaboration solutions can be on premise or cloud mode.


Microsoft SharePoint adoption

Microsoft SharePoint is the Content Management System (CMS) software platform that we use with a competence attested by the prestigious SharePoint Microsoft Certified Master and which we use to offer the most effective and economic answer to companies.

Collaboration & Business Productivity

Proge-Software extensive expertise across the entire Microsoft suite facilitates the integration of SharePoint with other products of the Microsoft platform (Exchange Server, Project Server, Lync Server), allowing the realization of effective, affordable and complete solutions of Business Productivity which include:

  • Messaging
  • Unified Communications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Project Management

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