Evolving: a necessary step

The evolution of your IT infrastructure is not a secondary or deferrable factor. Otherwise your own company wouldn’t survive in contemporary markets where digital dimension is pervasive, not an optional. Going on without taking it into account would cause a slow but sure decline. For this reason, this evolution need have to be ruled in order to optimize performance, maximize availability and minimize costs.

Relying on the right partner

Evolving in Digital Transformation is a path that requires skills focused on new technological architectures for the management and distribution of resources, and your IT operator doesn’t necessarily have them. This is why the easiest way could be having an external IT operator.

Measuring performance

It is important to verify your partner’s reliability by discussing about what is the most suitable technology for the needs of your company, and then having it by your side during systems, processes and tools planning and the operational management of the chosen KPIs. Obviously, by having the possibility to constantly monitor costs and results with well-defined ROI (Return on investment) indexes.

Cloud Computing

Platform Migration

Proge-Software ensures a rapid and safe migration of IT infrastructure thanks to the deep application of standard migration procedures that use automatic tools. With a performance at the highest level among the technologies available on the market and very competitive cloud-based solutions.

header_Evolve - Backup Management

Backup Management

Backup Management solutions proposed by Proge-Software come from a deep examination of the real needs of a company, so that the optimization of the use of resources and Business Continuity plans ensure high safety and reliability standards. A result achieved thanks to the integration of Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery functions in a single management matrix.


System Management

The proper management of companies work stations must ensure the alignment of products defined on the base of specific technological needs of the various LoB (Lines of Business), the certainty that the security standards are applied and the prompt upgrade of a product. Proge-Software designs cutting-edge System Management infrastructures which respond to these prerogatives and ensure the constant control of the Software settings and distribution of the machine park, mobile devices included.

Data center and matrix

Infrastructure Optimization

In many cases, the choice of IT applications and systems is not organic, but follows the single LoB (Lines of Business). Over time, this created silos and diseconomies. Proge-Software’s task is to identify those technologies, procedures and processes necessary to improve performance, reliability and safety of the infrastructure as a whole.


Operation Management

Monitoring and analysis of servers, applications and services performance are part of the constant verification of the state of health of the company information system. Proge-Software adopts cutting-edge techniques of Monitoring, Performance & Availability Manageent, providing support services that scale up the technology producers to ensure the maximum contraction of any system downtime.


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