Proge DevOps

A methodology that allows to balance Development and Operations processes

The Challenge

Dev & Ops

The traditional development process is composed by a series of steps: requirement and functional analysis, development, test and trial. It is generally separated from the operations area which deals with possible malfunctions based on the correction task requirements and possible improvements to evolve the system.


DevOps puts together technology and advisory making life easier for those developers and companies that develop software, reduce lead time as well as saving cost.

How can we help you?

Make simple what is complex


A collection of tools useful to improve factory software activities developing an automated software for any type of language and platform.


Proge DevOps simplifies the implementation of complex structures by integrating the automation of Cloud resources management in a structured release process.


Operational departments can monitor the use and the state of health of each software by collecting a huge amount of telemetry data and making them available through an advanced dashboard.




Proge DevOps tools don’t require a twisting of company practices, but consider an initial supporting period.



The process of changing management is constantly monitored in order to collect the feedbacks of the interested parties.



It is possible to adopt tools and practices in a simple way by choosing between on premise or cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Team Foundation Server

Proge DevOps uses Team Foundation Server is a product of Microsoft used to manage the software lifecycle: from the source code to projects control and from functions tracking to bug status.

Our solution: ALM

The Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) allows the management of people, processes, technologies and information involved in the applications lifecycle. ALM summarizes the technological skills of those who are able to implement Microsoft Team Foundation Server by using the right method for the management of Operations inside the company.

Our solution: Proge DevOps

Proge DevOps is a set of tools that improve the developers’ activities enabling an easier development by automating software building and testing for any type of language and platform. Moreover, it enables operation departments to monitor usage and health of every software component by collecting huge amounts of telemetry data and make them available through an advanced dashboard.

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