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Enable Smart-Working with Proge-Software!For those who want to react to the crisis

In a very delicate moment like the one we are experiencing, collaboration becomes a strong point to transform critical issues into growth opportunities and to perfect digital transformation also at the company level.

In Proge-Software we are doing it, internal and external collaborators continue to be easily productive. Take the opportunity too!

We will guide you in choosing the right Proge-Software solution for your reality, to fully respond to your needs for the adoption of communication and collaboration platforms, change management, application virtualization and security.

But not only: we facilitate this step by supporting setup and adoption with free initiatives. Experience Smart-Working with us!

modern workplace
Modern Workplace

Computerization, updating, connection: thanks to these tools we are able to optimize your company productivity and efficiency.

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Governance Compliance

Every digital solution adopted must be compliant with the latest directives: a sensitive, but necessary aspect.

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Programming code abstract technology background of software deve
Software Development

We are able to project, program and implement specific software solutions for professional and commercial needs.

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Cloud Adoption

The virtual environment of the Cloud allows to always have the necessary resources and information available, for a full functionality.

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Data and AI

BIG DATA management and the use of Artificial Intelligence are fundamental competences to develop any activity.

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Evolve your infrastructure

Our experts are at your disposal to identify and implement the best solutions to grow your organization.

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Since 1985 we produce high-technological content projects for Small and Medium Enterprises, providing them all the  necessary activities for the design, development and maintenance of the corporate IT system: from IT architecture design to complex IT infrastructure management, from the realization of Custom Software Development to the implementation of mobile solutions, from the creation of application infrastructure and databases to the design of Cloud scenarios, up to the creation of portals for collaboration.

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    Are you a motivated student looking for a suitable environment to guarantee the best opportunities for growth and professional achievement? We are waiting for you on Thursday, September 16, at the Career day 2021 organized by the University of Sannio-Benevento, where we will be present with our Solution Architect Ing. Fernando De Mennato, confident of

    27 August 2021
  • Platinum talks about Proge-Software and 3FS, its cutting-edge solution for car rental

    From Platinum “Aziende e Protagonisti” – Quarterly Periodical, Year 14 – No. 40 – July 2021 Platinum magazine has decided to reserve an article for Proge-Software in the Information Technology section regarding its new solution, 3FS – 3rd Millennium Fleet System. With this new solution, which is not a simple app but a complex and

    21 July 2021
  • Bruno Meneo will be part of the dock3 DemoDay 2021 jury

    We are pleased to announce that our Founder Chairman Bruno Meneo has been chosen to be part of the dock3 DemoDay 2021 jury! Dock3 DemoDay, which will be held today 21st July 2021 at 16.30, is the final day of dock3training. The best teams that have participated in the dock3 entrepreneurship program will present themselves

    21 July 2021