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Digital Transformation HiveTo challenge the evolving market

The challenge the market dictates to companies that want to grow is the ability to face digital transformation and, subsequently, the processes simplification, by optimizing every single field from services to work.

A real digital transformation, which can’t be limited to the use of technologies, is needed, but it has to lead to a change management able to introduce efficiency, a better functioning and less costs.

Digital transformation improves processes that rule business, by using different technological solutions, according to an approach that aims at achieving the maximum convergence between system and information flows. Our job is to guide companies through this transformation, by helping them challenging the evolving market.

modern workplace
Modern Workplace

Computerization, updating, connection: thanks to these tools we are able to optimize your company productivity and efficiency.

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Governance Compliance

Every digital solution adopted must be compliant with the latest directives: a sensitive, but necessary aspect.

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Programming code abstract technology background of software deve
Software Development

We are able to project, program and implement specific software solutions for professional and commercial needs.

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Cloud Adoption

The virtual environment of the Cloud allows to always have the necessary resources and information available, for a full functionality.

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Data and AI

BIG DATA management and the use of Artificial Intelligence are fundamental competences to develop any activity.

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Evolve your infrastructure

Our experts are at your disposal to identify and implement the best solutions to grow your organization.

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Case HistoryOur success is measured by our clients success

This is the reason why  we are particularly proud to celebrate with them their professional goals, achieved also thanks to our partnership.

SCA, the Business Intelligence solution supporting the Governance of the University of Rome

Advant, in collaboration with “Tor Vergata” University of Rome, has developed a solution called SCA–STUDENT CAREER ANALYSIS, mainly addressed to Universities, able to provide a Business Intelligence system for the analysis and reporting of student’s career data.

Credito Fondiario has chosen Proge-Software’s M2O solution to migrate quickly and efficiently to Office 365

Credito Fondiario addressed to Proge-Software to migrate quickly and efficiently to Office 365.


Since 1985 we produce high-technological content projects for Small and Medium Enterprises, providing them all the  necessary activities for the design, development and maintenance of the corporate IT system: from IT architecture design to complex IT infrastructure management, from the realization of Custom Software Development to the implementation of mobile solutions, from the creation of application infrastructure and databases to the design of Cloud scenarios, up to the creation of portals for collaboration.

ResourcesOur last news

  • Next goal: our Sannio’s Software Factory

    We face this new and exciting challenge exploring the territorial  potentialities, gathering the CVs of the candidates and proceeding with specific agreements with the universities of Campania, primarily Unisannio. Whether interested, access the “Work with us” section and leave your CV indicating job position and desired location. Join our team, we are waiting for you!

    27 September 2019
  • Microsoft reward Proge-Software with two prestigious Awards

    We are proud to announce that Proge-Software has been rewarded with two prestigious Awards during the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2019 in Las Vegas: Digital Transformation Champ Award: Empower your Employees – Silver Award Digital Transformation Champ Award: Cloud for Good – Silver Award Two awards that Microsoft Italia has celebrated with us in the

    23 August 2019
  • Annual Accounts: a great 2018!

    Proge-Software has closed a great 2018 with a significant profit for the year, which allows the company to distribute to all employees a substantial performance bonuses. The Shareholders’ Meeting has approved the distribution to all staff, weighted with respect to remuneration. We like to emphasize the tangible, but also ideal value of this well-deserved reward,

    6 May 2019