Cognitive Services

Automatically recognize and index each input

The Challenge

Creating custom applications

Cognitive Services are usually divided into 5 macro categories (Vision, Speech, Language, Knowledge, Search). They allow the creation of applications capable to analyzing and interpreting reality, according to the user’s needs for which they are designed.

Index each type of input

Cognitive services extract information from any type of input, even from “analogic” ones such as images, audio or video. They also do it in a more efficient and precise way than human mind, by indexing useful elements so that users can track them effortlessly.

How can we help you?

From voice recognition to image recognition


Cognitive Services lend themselves to various applications. For example, a company can upload the pictures of their products and form a model to recognize them, or it can customize a search engine without using codes.

Videos indexing

Microsoft Azure provides a very powerful video indexer, able to recognize faces, objects and text on the screen.

Simultaneous translation

The service allows you to translate from different foreign languages and to index the spoken text. Moreover, thanks to artificial intelligence, it is able to improve translation from time to time, on the basis of previous experiences.

The advantages of Cognitive Services for your company

Today, using intelligent algorithms in your applications, Websites and Bots literally allows you to see, listen, interact and talk with your users to understand and interpret their needs through natural communication methods. Transform now your business, thanks to artificial intelligence and cognitive services.

Our solution: ACS

Proge-Software has developed a Cognitive Services solution based on Microsoft Azure in the field of image recognition: ACS, ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM. It is a new access control system inside buildings based on people image recognition. ACS accelerates check-in time ensuring a high security level.

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