The Advantageous Ethics

Our founding values are essentially aimed at the respect and at the people’s enhancement and they also represent the guidelines of Proge-Software’s company policy.

We called this “The advantageous ethics”, to summarize the complex but clear business philosophy that feeds knowledge and expertise through innovation, by giving priority to people’s dignity and expertise.

The advantageous ethics must inspire all the company members actions and behaviors, according to their expertise and responsibilities: the ownership, by continuously allocating adequate financial resources, mainly through the provision of profits; the management, by taking on a difficult but stimulating task of making ethics advantageous through innovative projects on which conveying professional training and updating; employees with their commitment.

In this way, ethics becomes so advantageous, to eliminate  staff’s stand-by costs and turning them into investments on innovation and professional training.

We believe that investing on research allows us to create the right vision to track the way of innovation and to stimulate production. We also believe that the most efficient solutions, able to promote the real change, come from a virtuous circle that establishes itself between research, innovation and production.

To anticipate customers’ requirements, we set up dedicated laboratories, ProgeLABs, where the most evolved technologies are experimented and research projects with a dual objective are conduced:

  • The realization of innovative, efficient, economical and repeatable on a large-scale solution, able to create a competitive advantage
  • Lead to an enrichment and deepening of our staff’s knowledge and skills, to better support our customers in the change process

In ProgeLABs laboratories, training internship on innovative technologies for graduated students and to write the graduation thesis are available.

Today's thoughts become tomorrow's reality

Research & Development ProjectsThe current R&S investments are focused on the following projects:

3FS – 3rd Generation Fleet System

Thanks to a twenty-years’ experience gained with the realization of the first two generations of systems, destined to the biggest car-rental multinational corporations, the next goal is to generate an innovative integrated fleet management system to be used by majority of industry players. 3FS will be modular, aiming at a wide audience of buyers of any dimension and geographical location.

Market research and study of cutting-edge software products that allowed to define the Technological Platform and the system Architecture.

Drafting of project Standards and fine tuning of the system infrastructure.

Experiments aimed at defining strategies and methodology to be applied to safeguard the functional inheritance in the epochal transition to the cloud.

Feasibility study on the use of the most sophisticated technologies already in use (Agile/Scum), in order to maximize the productivity of the project team, ensuring the quality and reliability of the final product.

Reiterate PoC (proof of Concept) with which we have gradually refined the Standards and corrected the technological architecture in order to identify the most effective and reliable products, capable of ensuring long-term stability.

Experimental development of the first module of the system

Continuation of the experimental development of the core modules of the system, to be made available on the Cloud to all Car Rental operators, applying the methodology developed in the experiments already carried out, using the technological architecture that emerged from the feasibility study and refined with the PoCs performed , fully exploiting the twenty-five-year know-how gained on the functional coverage required by potential customers and continuing the implementation in perfect harmony with the component already built in 2019.

ISA2020 – Innovations on Systems and Applications 2020

Developing advanced products and tools in both the infrastructural and the application fields, based on the use of the most advanced technologies and on the integration of the new products and Hd/Sd releases, even in their experimental version, aiming at renewing and requalifying the company’s technical & commercial offer.

Scouting activities on the most diversified technological environments are planned: study, design, analysis and implementation of infrastructural and application.

The research and application of new products and methodologies, the design and implementation of new software tools and advanced procedures to facilitate the IT systems development and maintenance, the development of prototypes to meet specific needs emerging from the market, are all very relevant points.

Applications based on the use of last generation products, even in their experimental version, also based on the use of proprietary tools and consulting services guided by predefined methods and procedures, designed to meet the needs of messaging, collaboration, integrated communication, document management, system management, software life cycle management, security, data management and Datacenter migration

Technical and professional update of the staff in strategic technological environments for the company aimed at achieving innovative skills and certifications.

The whole aimed at seizing the opportunities deriving from new technological platforms, specifically from Cloud, IoT and the new frontiers of Data Management.

C2S – Consulting to Solutions

Innovation of production processes aiming at canalizing the wide range of technical skills owned by the company into Solutions responding to punctual requirements coming from the market.

R&S Solutions must be easily configurable in terms of costs and times, so that they can be cataloged and managed directly by the sales force, thus avoiding the difficult and expensive interaction with the technical sector.

First prototypes of solutions created in their embryonic stage responding to the strategies defined by the marketing sector; great effort in defining the “Configurators” essential to facilitate and automate the offering to the market by Commercial Accounts, gradually releasing them from the need to use the expensive and delaying presale activities by technicians.

First prototype realizations corresponding to the solutions: CAS (Control Access System) and BAF (Bot Aggregator Framework).

Progressively achieve the automation of sales processes currently managed with jumbled and expensive pre-sale activities that engage technical resources taking them away from the productive activity.

Provide the commercial sector a “Catalog of Solutions” with precise instructions on the information to be acquired from customers, to configure and qualify the Solution offer  in terms of commitment and costs.

Provide governance with the specifications necessary to integrate new solutions into business procedures.

PGA – Corporate Governance Processes

Processes innovation dictated by the Corporate Governance Manual, based on the application of advanced technologies for the automatic management of the work-flow, in order to transfer the input operations, authorization, checking, archiving, consultation and divulgation of the information relevant to the company organization from the paper flow to the electronic one.

Restructuring of the Company Intranet and migration of already operational procedures included in the company certifications. Implementation of the planning prototype of the activities of the technical staff.

Progressively complete the process automation currently managed with manual and paper procedures, to pursue a constant evolution aimed at the dematerialization in order to reduce more and more the operational actions in the fulfillments required by the Corporate Governance.

S2P – Solutions to Products

Innovation of production processes aimed at channeling the growing pool of Solutions created by the company into Products that respond to specific requests from the market. This project aims to give a further outlet to the corporate innovation process, stimulating the staff to grapple with the challenge of designing and creating prototypes of Products capable of fully fulfilling the requirements of the Solutions without requiring the technical support currently destined for each supply.

In this way the salesperson will have the full and autonomous ability to offer the Products to the market, being able to do without technical support, thus creating an economy of scale that promises to open vast horizons for business growth.

This is a completely innovative challenge, which however will greatly benefit from the implementation of 3FS.

Progressively feed our “product warehouse” to offer to the market, thus creating a “disruptive” paradigm change that will lead the company to sell its own home-made products.

Proge-Software will continue to be a software conception, design and implementation company, but increasingly distinguishing commercial functions from technical ones, with Marketing that will feed and stimulate production by generating innovative design ideas and triggering the commercial launch of the Products.

Obviously taking care to constantly provide governance with the specifications necessary to promptly integrate company procedures.