The Advantageous Ethics

Our founding values are essentially aimed at the respect and at the people’s enhancement and they also represent the guidelines of Proge-Software’s company policy.

We called this “The advantageous ethics”, to summarize the complex but clear business philosophy that feeds knowledge and expertise through innovation, by giving priority to people’s dignity and expertise.

The advantageous ethics must inspire all the company members actions and behaviors, according to their expertise and responsibilities: the ownership, by continuously allocating adequate financial resources, mainly through the provision of profits; the management, by taking on a difficult but stimulating task of making ethics advantageous through innovative projects on which conveying professional training and updating; employees with their commitment.

In this way, ethics becomes so advantageous, to eliminate  staff’s stand-by costs and turning them into investments on innovation and professional training.

We believe that investing on research allows us to create the right vision to track the way of innovation and to stimulate production. We also believe that the most efficient solutions, able to promote the real change, come from a virtuous circle that establishes itself between research, innovation and production.

To anticipate customers’ requirements, we set up dedicated laboratories, ProgeLABs, where the most evolved technologies are experimented and research projects with a dual objective are conduced:

  • The realization of innovative, efficient, economical and repeatable on a large-scale solution, able to create a competitive advantage
  • Lead to an enrichment and deepening of our staff’s knowledge and skills, to better support our customers in the change process

In ProgeLABs laboratories, training internship on innovative technologies for graduated students and to write the graduation thesis are available.

Today's thoughts become tomorrow's reality

Research & Development ProjectsThe current R&S investments are focused on the following projects:

3FS – 3rd Millennium Fleet System

The project makes use of the experience gained in the development of software for large car rental multinationals with the ambitious goal of creating an innovative integrated fleet management system that can be used by all players in the sector in “SaaS – Software as a Service” mode. on the Cloud.
3FS is a modular system that flexibly adapts to the needs of the vast global audience of car rental companies of all sizes and geographic locations, to which it will also be possible to gradually access the services, starting from the basic ones and gradually integrating the others as needed. .
The “Core” modules of the system have already been created in the past years.
Starting this year, the system will be enriched with advanced features for predicting future rental needs and automatic planning of vehicle purchases and sales aimed at meeting rental needs while optimizing costs.
New automatisms will also be integrated that are able to exploit the data made available by the latest generation connected cars to optimize vehicle maintenance and provide advanced control and management functions linked to their geolocation.
Finally, the possible exploitation of the “Vehicle-Centric” structure of 3FS is envisaged to expand the audience of possible users to other markets where there is the need to manage fleets of vehicles (eg. Energy, Telco, Healthcare, Public Sector, etc. .).

Market research and study of cutting-edge software products that have allowed the definition of the Technological Platform and the Architecture of the system.
Drafting of project standards and development of the systems infrastructure.
Experiments aimed at defining strategies and methodology to be applied to safeguard the functional inheritance in the epochal transition to the cloud.
Feasibility study on the use of the most sophisticated methodologies already in use (Agile / Scrum), in order to raise the productivity of the project team to the highest level, ensuring the quality and reliability of the finished product.
Reiterate PoC (proof of concept) that have allowed the gradual refinement of the Standards and the fine-tuning of the technological architecture by focusing on products that have proved to be more effective and reliable, capable of ensuring long-term stability.
Completion of the experimental development of the “Core” modules of the system.

The activities planned for the current year are concentrated on the following points.
Help-on-Line integration aligned with the latest technological innovations.
Creation of automatic tests to verify the functional correctness necessary to guarantee the expected results.
Final fine-tuning of the prototype by removing any anomalies and imperfections emerging from the automatic tests.
Implementation of powerful and innovative mathematical models aimed at optimizing fleet management by aiming at the use of less expensive or more profitable vehicles (Rotation Optimization).
Technological scouting and feasibility analysis on the possible interfacing with IOT sensors installed in vehicles in order to incorporate from Connected Cars the useful elements to feed predictive analysis engines on the necessary maintenance interventions and enrich the functional coverage with the geolocation of the vehicles in the fleet.
Analysis of vehicle fleet management processes adopted by companies operating in the vertical markets of energy, telco, Healthcare and Public Administration in order to evaluate the possible extension of the “Vehicle-Centric” core of 3FS on these realities.

P4H - Proge for Health

The project intends to continue corporate investments in the health sector by pursuing one of the main priorities of the PNRR – National Recovery and Resilience Plan. In this context, P4H aims to provide a digital platform that facilitates access to patient data during surgery, provides hospital staff with an effective and safe control system in the hospital wards and enhances the possibility of remote control of the hospital. state of health of patients at their home.

Realization of the STS prototype (Surgery Touchless System) with the contribution of the Lazio Region (ex FILAS). STS is intended for use in the operating room, allowing direct access by the surgeon to reports, images and videos of the patient’s medical record with voice gestures and with the possible activation of remote consultations.

Realization of the SPS prototype (Smart Patient Security) with the contribution of the Lazio Region (Lazio Innova). SPS allows the safe recognition of hospital patients via RFID or Bluetooth bracelets, allows doctors to consult their medical records on the smart phone with proximity connection and provides nurses with an effective tool for both clinical and physical presence control.

Concept of the “Health In Your Hand” solution, created in Joint Venture with the Portuguese company HopeCare, which enables remote diagnostics of the patient, allowing them to autonomously collect data on their health conditions via mobile devices that can be connected via Bluetooth or wi-fi with the most common medical devices and providing them with alert signals when thresholds set by the protocols are exceeded, thus activating direct communication channels to healthcare facilities in case of need.

Technological scouting aimed at the modernization of STS and SPS solutions oriented towards a new architecture structured in micro-services that simplify application cooperation and integration with external systems.

Architectural definition and implementation of the new P4H system, which integrates “STS”, “SPS” and “Health In your Hand” in a latest generation system based on the use of the most advanced tools to access its functions in a simple and guided way.

ACP -Advanced Co-ops Platform

Process innovation based on the application of advanced technologies for automatic work-flow management aimed at close collaboration between business sectors imposed by the new cloud provider paradigm adopted by the company.
Elimination of paper flows obtained by transferring the complex operations of insertion, authorization, verification, archiving, consultation and disclosure of information relevant to the corporate organization to the automatic management of the workflow.
Constant alignment of the complex corporate governance to the technical, professional and cultural evolutions imposed by a market in continuous evolutionary ferment.
All aimed at the dematerialisation and automation of business processes.

Restructuring of the Company Intranet and migration of the already operational procedures included in the company certifications.
Implementation of marketing and commercial management procedures.
Implementation of Analytical Accounting and Management Control.
Realization of the “Mapping of Competences” as a powerful management tool based on interactive cooperation between the Technical, Commercial and Marketing sectors.
Creation of the “Offer Evaluation Form” following the flows and procedures defined in the Governance manual.

Prototype creation of apps and innovative functions of the business management system aimed at the automatic governance of the interactions between business sectors necessary to put into practice the new philosophy on which our innovative role as cloud provider must be based.
Creation of prototype overview and control dashboards of the complex mechanism of the corporate organizational machine and interactive reports that integrate the data of the accounting systems to provide the overall picture of the accounting and financial situation.
To devise new processes that facilitate even more interactive cooperation between the Technical, Commercial, Marketing and General Services sectors.

PPP – Proge Power Platform

The spread of Low Code Development technological platforms open to the development of non-complex Apps by end users requires the definition of standards and technological platforms capable of ensuring compliance with best practices and compliance with company policies and procedures.

PPP will constitute an easy-to-manage framework for new creations, governing their approval flows, collecting user feedback on new apps created, stimulating the reuse of apps categorized in centralized repositories and managing requests for technical support from users-clients.

PPP will also create its own library of generalized Apps, to be offered to the market through the “SaaS – Software as a Service” formula.

High-level analysis of functional architecture based on the support experiences provided to various multinational companies.

Technological scouting for the definition of the application architecture compliant with the design objectives and respectful of market best practices.

Detailed analysis and implementation aiming at the release of a first release of PPP with functional extension including:

. management of the realizations from the request of the users-clients up to the release;

. categorization and census of apps created to facilitate their reuse;

. management of requests for technical support;

. calculation and distribution of costs on specific users-clients;

. design criteria and methods for implementing the generalized app library;

. contract management and invoicing.

ISA2022 – Innovations on Systems and Applications 2022

To create advanced products and tools in both infrastructural and application fields, based on the use of the most advanced technologies and on the integration of new products and new Hd/Sw releases, also in their experimental form, thus aiming to renew and upgrade the offer technical-commercial of the company.

Scouting on the most diversified technological environments, of study, design, analysis and realization of infrastructural and application components, all aimed at a general process of innovation and technical-cultural evolution.

Research, study and application of new products and methodologies; design and creation of prototypes in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data Analytics, Cyber-security, IOT and in any emerging innovative scenario.

Implementation of prototypes based on the use of advanced methods and technologies, even in their experimental version, especially in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Cyber-Security, Cloud, IOT and any other emerging innovative scenario.

Professional technical upgrade of personnel in strategic technological areas for the company, aimed at achieving innovative skills and certifications.