Data & AIInterpreting data to gain a competitive advantage

Interpreting data to gain a competitive advantage

The data are the real company asset.
It is no coincidence that the digital age in which we live is dominated by a great proliferation of data / information that goes by the name of Big Data.
The competition on the markets is played out between the companies able to extrapolate them, analyze them and put them in relation, in one word, they govern them with appropriate technologies.
Technologies like those made available by artificial intelligence (AI).

Big Data, the trend of the future

According to analysts, Big Data and Analytics turnover will reach 260 billion dollars in 2022, with an annual average growth rate of 11,9% between 2017 and 2022. In 2018 revenues should reach a total of 166 billion, with an increase of 11,7% compared to 2017.

Machine Learning potentialities

Big Data Analytics and AI express their full potential in the Cloud as demonstrated, for example, by increasingly performing Customer Data management systems based on Machine Learning algorithms. The last one, which is one of the methods used by AI as a self-learning capacity of machines, gives predictive qualities capable of anticipating customers’ needs. But this is just one of the many frontiers opened by the combination between data analysis and artificial intelligence.

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Business Intelligence

Thanks to Microsoft technology, Proge-Software brings companies through the valorization of its information asset by offering Business Intelligence solutions and cutting-edge Data Management. In order for the Governance to obtain from the complex of data, extrapolated from different sources, a synthetic framework from a strategic point of view.

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Chat Bot

Proge-Software goes side by side with a customer care that simplifies the customer-company relation, by automating the interaction – especially in the early stages and shortening the waiting time. With the advantage of constantly improving responses, since virtual assistants with artificial intelligence constantly learn from previous experiences.

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Cognitive Services

The Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services allow you to create intelligent apps able to recognize images and natural language thanks to powerful cloud-based algorithms without having to write many lines of code. Proge-Software realizes advanced security systems and improves user experience thanks to the knowledge of Azure native cognitive services.

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Data Analytics

Proge-Software realizes solutions that allow you to quickly and simultaneously work with thousands of data hubs and petabytes by using Microsoft Azure platforms. A platform of analytics tools used to knowingly manage non-structured information coming, for example, from social media and Internet of Things.


Of business leaders considers AI very important for the near future


Will be the new information generated per second for every human being by 2020


Of revenue with AI investment for Companies by 2020

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